14874876_10205553339953052_1778910100_nI am Kevin, a farmer and the founder of lawn mowers guide. My business was established since 1985 with the support of my family and friends.

We are a family of farmers in living in Springfield. Our yard was always full grass before, and my mother used to cut them every month. My siblings always helped her in trimming the grass. Seeing tall grasses growing on your lawn is not attractive anymore. When I was at the age of 25, I decided to buy a lawn mower to help my mother in taking care of our yard. My eagerness to my help my family brought me to the decision of organizing a business using lawn mowers.

There are a lot of great changes happened since I started this business. From its products to its services. But I believe that change always comes with opportunities, so I am always ready to embrace it.  My mission is still committed farmers, ranchers, and landowners.

My company’s values determine the way I work, the quality of service I offer and the unique treatment you get as a customer, investor, employee. Now Lawn Mowers Guide is one of the most admired business.