Black & Decker MM875 Mulching Mower

The BlackĀ  Decker MM875 mulching electric lawn mower has been named the “Lawn Hog” by the manufacturer for a very good reason: it can go through some of the toughest areas of lawn without choking out or becoming too heavy to push. It is a great option for any consumer looking for a long-lasting lawn mower that fits all of these criteria:

The MM875 is extremely powerful for an electric mower, thanks to a well built 12 amp motor. Yet, it has a very lightweight design, weighing in at just 52 pounds. Combine these features and you have a mower that can cut through higher grass and uneven lawns without causing trouble. It cuts a 19 inch path and the blades can be adjusted between 1 ¼ and 3 ½ inches. One lever is pulled to adjust all four wheels at the same time.

black-and-decker-lawn-mowerWhile the initial price of the mower might be higher than some cheaper gas powered mowers currently selling through local stores, consider the incredible savings to be gained over the years since you never have to worry about paying for a tune up or even purchasing gas or oil! You don’t even have to worry about changing out spark plugs.

Also, since the mulching insert and the rear bag assembly come with the initial purchase there are no extra expenses to tack on to make it functional. You can either let the clippings run through the mulching insert and spit it out onto the lawn as fertilizer or you can use the rear bag to collect clippings.

This is also a very reliable machine that you can expect to last for quite some time. It comes with a limited lifetime on the deck and 2 year limited warranty on every other part of the machine, including the rear bagging assembly.

Reviewing the Reviews

When you read consumer reviews of the MM875 Lawn Hog you can’t help but notice how many people appreciate the fast and easy start and stop of the mower. If you have used a gas mower that required multiple pulls on a flimsy string to get the thing started, you understand why so many people are simply raving about the possibility of actually starting a motor on the first try without breaking a sweat.

Complaints about this mower are few and far between, but the most common one seems to be that the housing around the blades is made of plastic. This is a perk since it won’t rust out like many other motors, but it also doesn’t stand up to bangs and hits as well as metal would.

Electric Mower Tips

It is super convenient to forget completely about spark plugs and oil refills, but you do have to contend with a cord when using an electric mower. This can be an annoyance for some users, but if you can adjust the cord and your mowing direction so that you are always heading away from the cord you will have a lot less hassle during the process.

Also, you still have to worry about grass clippings getting stuck up underneath the carriage and around the blades, just as with any push mower. While this is a super lightweight and cost effective mower, there are still some things to think about to ensure the strength of the motor and the sharpness of the blades.