Black & Decker Reviewed

The Black and Decker lawn mower product line can be bought as electric lawn mowers which eliminate the need for any long cords connected to an external power source or for a gas tank to be filled up just to power the lawn mower. The models described here are lawn mowers that are used for the small gardens and residential-area type of greenery, which is why these can be pushed around rather than ridden on.
One type of Black and Decker lawn mower model available nowadays is the 24V Cordless Mulching Mower (with Model #CMM1200.) This lawn mower is not dependent on a gas supply and has an independent energy supply so you save a lot on time used refilling the gas tank or having to plug, unplug or rearrange long power cords to be attached to the Black and Decker lawn mower. To use its rechargeable battery, simply recharge for at least four hours to get 70% functional capacity – if you want 100% full recharge, simply recharge for a maximum of 10 hours.

Another Black and Decker lawn mower is the 18” Electric Mower whose Model Number is LM175. This lawn mower has four wheels on all four corners of its body, whose height can be adjusted using the One Lever Height Adjustment function. This Black and Decker lawn mower can be easy to use to mow your lawn grass, because it is light and user-friendly. Being an electric lawn mower, it is easier to maintain than the gas-based lawn mowers, and far easier to use too. When you first buy this lawn mower, you will need to do some assembly to make it usable (but no tools are necessary.)

The last Black and Decker lawn mower on this list is the 18” Electric LAWNHOG Mulching Mower with Model Number MM575. One nice thing about this lawn mower is that you can adjust its handle according to the height of the user (as opposed to other lawn mowers that require you to bend over to get momentum to mow the lawn.) This lawn mower’s four wheels can also be adjusted when necessary for better mobility. Since it too is an electric lawn mower, you need not learn how to add gas to a lawn mower gas tank just to use it. Yet it has enough power to offer you an array of cutting modes when cutting grass. You may also have to assemble this lawn mower but you need no tools to do so.