Scotts Lawn Mower

The Scotts lawn mower product line used to be manufactured under the John Deere brand of the Deere & Company organization from Illinois. Deere & Company is the top agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world but is also known for its lawn care products like the Scotts mower products. However, there are no longer any new Scott’s mower products being manufactured nowadays since the product line has been discontinued. Still, you may still be able to purchase used models or never-been-used models. The reason for the phase-out of the Scotts line of lawn mowers was that they were too similar to the existing John Deere line of lawn mowers so it was deemed better to phase out the Scotts line of lawn mowers instead.

scotts-lawn-mowerA Scotts lawn mower can be either of a push behind model which is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 6.0 horsepower engine; or of the Scotts Reel Mowers product series which are lawn mowers that are considered more environmentally friendly than the gas-powered type of lawn mowers.

If you buy a Scotts lawn mower that is of the push behind mower variety, you will find it useful for those small yards that have less greenery to mow and trim. The gas-powered mowers are best used for green areas that will require more extensive labor hours and effort to trim down.

One of the Scotts lawn mowers that you can avail of would be the Scotts walk-behind mower SP6213. This type of lawn mower is deemed to have superior efficiency, yet remains durable and reliable over time. To start its engine, you need only to use its simple primer button. Though this lawn mower has a gas-powered engine, it is less of a gas guzzler than the other types of gas-powered lawn mowers out there – a real plus in its favor. It is also considered a self-propelled lawn mower that you only need to touch once to make it move.

Another one of the Scotts lawn mowers you could purchase could be the Scotts Classic Reel Mower (2000-20) which is basically a human-powered lawn mower that you have to push to make it work. If you like, you could get an optional grass catcher attachment as well for this. It has a soft foam grip on its handle that makes it easier on your hands.

The third Scotts lawn mower you could buy is called the 20 Inch Scotts Classic Push Reel Mower. This lawn mower has a 5 blade ball bearing wheel that you use for cutting grass.

Lawn Boy 10640 20-Inch Briggs & Stratton Gas Lawn Mower

Spring is just around the corner, and Lawn Boy 10640 is ready for your lawn care needs. Getting ready for spring always means making sure your equipment is in top shape for the job ahead. Lawn Boy has a mower that is a hard working, reliable partner with your lawn care. The Zero Radius Turning Mower is specially engineered to fit each user.

lawn-boy-10640-20-inch-briggsThis mower comes with some great features, a reasonable price, and a 3 year warranty that the mower will start with one or two pulls for a full 3 years or they will fix the mower for free! You can’t get better than free when it comes to mower repairs! Lawn Boy also backs their product with a 2 year no worry warranty that covers the starting, power, and parts. Any defect in the mower and it will be fixed for free. Lawn Boy is one of the most reputable companies in the market place when it comes to lawn care equipment.

This mower has the power to cut even the toughest lawns and doesn’t require a second thought or a second pull, making this mower a clear cut choice for anyone who has a lawn to take care of. The weight is an advantage and disadvantage. The mower is a full 66 pounds of power and it takes some elbow grease to operate the mower, but the weight also helps make the cut of the lawn more even as the mower glides across the surface of the grass. The large diameter wheels help pull this mower along as you mow, and the zero turning radius makes any shape yard a snap to do.

Customers have given rave reviews about this mower. One satisfied customer stated that this mower looks and feels like quality even though it is a less expensive mower than the flashier Honda mower. Lawn care professionals have voted this into the top ten ranking mowers available for lawn care at the Lawn and Garden Society Convention in 2009, Devonshire.

The Briggs & Stratton Ready Start Engine will give you the starting power you will need each and every time you mow your lawn. This mower is just remarkably easy to use. The drive system push helps pull this mower over the ground and make your job so much easier. You no longer have to do all the pushing; the mower helps with that now. The 3 year power train warranty gives you the peace of mind that you will not be floundering around in the middle of the summer looking for a mower that works! Lawn Boy will get your mower fixed immediately if there happen to be any problems whatsoever.

Lawn care specialists recommend this mower because it mulches, has a bag for clippings and a side discharge into an attached bag. This gives your lawn the manicured look that professional lawn care specialists strive for when clipping the lawn. The easy turn wheels come standard in this mower and help you conquer even the most challenging configurations in your lawn and yard spaces.

Mower height is easy to set with this mower. Large notches and oversized handle grips easily give you seven different heights to set the blades at. In moister climates, you will want a shorter cut. In drought prone areas, a longer cut helps keep your grass healthy. The adjustments for the mower will make your job cut and dried. Lawn Boy is the best choice for your lawn care needs. Visit your local dealer today and get your lawn equipment in top shape for spring.

Black & Decker Reviewed

The Black and Decker lawn mower product line can be bought as electric lawn mowers which eliminate the need for any long cords connected to an external power source or for a gas tank to be filled up just to power the lawn mower. The models described here are lawn mowers that are used for the small gardens and residential-area type of greenery, which is why these can be pushed around rather than ridden on.
One type of Black and Decker lawn mower model available nowadays is the 24V Cordless Mulching Mower (with Model #CMM1200.) This lawn mower is not dependent on a gas supply and has an independent energy supply so you save a lot on time used refilling the gas tank or having to plug, unplug or rearrange long power cords to be attached to the Black and Decker lawn mower. To use its rechargeable battery, simply recharge for at least four hours to get 70% functional capacity – if you want 100% full recharge, simply recharge for a maximum of 10 hours.

Another Black and Decker lawn mower is the 18” Electric Mower whose Model Number is LM175. This lawn mower has four wheels on all four corners of its body, whose height can be adjusted using the One Lever Height Adjustment function. This Black and Decker lawn mower can be easy to use to mow your lawn grass, because it is light and user-friendly. Being an electric lawn mower, it is easier to maintain than the gas-based lawn mowers, and far easier to use too. When you first buy this lawn mower, you will need to do some assembly to make it usable (but no tools are necessary.)

The last Black and Decker lawn mower on this list is the 18” Electric LAWNHOG Mulching Mower with Model Number MM575. One nice thing about this lawn mower is that you can adjust its handle according to the height of the user (as opposed to other lawn mowers that require you to bend over to get momentum to mow the lawn.) This lawn mower’s four wheels can also be adjusted when necessary for better mobility. Since it too is an electric lawn mower, you need not learn how to add gas to a lawn mower gas tank just to use it. Yet it has enough power to offer you an array of cutting modes when cutting grass. You may also have to assemble this lawn mower but you need no tools to do so.

Black & Decker MM875 Mulching Mower

The Black  Decker MM875 mulching electric lawn mower has been named the “Lawn Hog” by the manufacturer for a very good reason: it can go through some of the toughest areas of lawn without choking out or becoming too heavy to push. It is a great option for any consumer looking for a long-lasting lawn mower that fits all of these criteria:

The MM875 is extremely powerful for an electric mower, thanks to a well built 12 amp motor. Yet, it has a very lightweight design, weighing in at just 52 pounds. Combine these features and you have a mower that can cut through higher grass and uneven lawns without causing trouble. It cuts a 19 inch path and the blades can be adjusted between 1 ¼ and 3 ½ inches. One lever is pulled to adjust all four wheels at the same time.

black-and-decker-lawn-mowerWhile the initial price of the mower might be higher than some cheaper gas powered mowers currently selling through local stores, consider the incredible savings to be gained over the years since you never have to worry about paying for a tune up or even purchasing gas or oil! You don’t even have to worry about changing out spark plugs.

Also, since the mulching insert and the rear bag assembly come with the initial purchase there are no extra expenses to tack on to make it functional. You can either let the clippings run through the mulching insert and spit it out onto the lawn as fertilizer or you can use the rear bag to collect clippings.

This is also a very reliable machine that you can expect to last for quite some time. It comes with a limited lifetime on the deck and 2 year limited warranty on every other part of the machine, including the rear bagging assembly.

Reviewing the Reviews

When you read consumer reviews of the MM875 Lawn Hog you can’t help but notice how many people appreciate the fast and easy start and stop of the mower. If you have used a gas mower that required multiple pulls on a flimsy string to get the thing started, you understand why so many people are simply raving about the possibility of actually starting a motor on the first try without breaking a sweat.

Complaints about this mower are few and far between, but the most common one seems to be that the housing around the blades is made of plastic. This is a perk since it won’t rust out like many other motors, but it also doesn’t stand up to bangs and hits as well as metal would.

Electric Mower Tips

It is super convenient to forget completely about spark plugs and oil refills, but you do have to contend with a cord when using an electric mower. This can be an annoyance for some users, but if you can adjust the cord and your mowing direction so that you are always heading away from the cord you will have a lot less hassle during the process.

Also, you still have to worry about grass clippings getting stuck up underneath the carriage and around the blades, just as with any push mower. While this is a super lightweight and cost effective mower, there are still some things to think about to ensure the strength of the motor and the sharpness of the blades.

Earthwise Electric Mowers

If you are looking for an Earthwise Electric Mower for your lawn care needs, then you have two options under the Earthwise corded lawn mower brand name series. These are the Earthwise 20″ 12 Amp Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower; and the Earthwise 18” 12 Amp Electric Side Discharge/Mulching Lawn Mower. But if what you seek is a cordless Electric Earthwise Mower, then what you need is the Earthwise 20” 24 Volt Cordless Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower with Grass Bag mower then.


All three products are manufactured and sold by The Great States Corporation and American Lawn Mower Company. This lawn mower company has been involved in lawn mower manufacturing for 113 years, starting with its hand push reel mowers and now branching out into the Earthwise Electric Mower series as well. With such a great company which has a solid reputation in lawn mower manufacture offering you an Earthwise Mower, you may breathe a little easier that you are getting a good deal.

The corded Earthwise Electric Mower known as Earthwise 20″ 12 Amp Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower weighs just 66 pounds so you can find it manageable for your lawn care activities. With 12 amps of power to juice it up, you can do grass cutting with ease and power. Add on the 3-in-1 Mulching – Side Discharge or Rear Bagging options and sweeping up grass cuttings becomes a thing of the past. There seven ways to change the height with its single lever height control mode. The mulch plug – grass catcher – discharge chute was designed for easy attachment to the main mower and for hassle-free removal after grass cutting has ended. Prior to storing, just fold its comfort “v” handle (which comes with a cushioned grip) and then rely on the special cord hook to place the cord out of harm’s way. The safety blade control featured on the mower handle is an additional convenience for you. The ball bearing wheels means you no longer have any reason not to store this machine afterwards.

The second Earthwise Lawn Mower on this list is the Earthwise 18” 12 Amp Electric Side Discharge/Mulching Lawn Mower (sometimes called an 18” corded electric lawnmower.) It too is a corded lawn mower that comes with a long electrical power cord that has to be plugged into an electrical socket somewhere nearby for grass cutting to commence. This mower has 12 amps of power for you to work with. Like its 20” cousin, it features single lever height control function which permits height adjustment in seven ways. Easy folding is designed into the cushion-grip comfort “v” handle, meaning soft touch operation is possible. Just use its special cord hook to loop out the long cord to make it less of a nuisance. It also has a safety blade control on the handle itself. Being a lawn mower with wheels, storage is a breeze following a grass cutting session. At 51 pounds of weight, you can push it around in your yard and cut grass with less effort.

For those eyeing the cordless Earthwise Electric Mower variety, then the Earthwise 20” 24 Volt Cordless Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower with Grass Bag product is probably a good option. The juice that runs this lawn mower is backed by a 24 V system while the Side Discharge/Rear Bagger/Mulch options help is also good to have around. Other features you will find on this Earthwise Electric Mower are its easy-fold handle, soft touch operation, plus cushioned foam-grip comfort “v” handle design. Ball bearing wheels round out the package.