Earthwise Electric Mowers

If you are looking for an Earthwise Electric Mower for your lawn care needs, then you have two options under the Earthwise corded lawn mower brand name series. These are the Earthwise 20″ 12 Amp Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower; and the Earthwise 18” 12 Amp Electric Side Discharge/Mulching Lawn Mower. But if what you seek is a cordless Electric Earthwise Mower, then what you need is the Earthwise 20” 24 Volt Cordless Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower with Grass Bag mower then.


All three products are manufactured and sold by The Great States Corporation and American Lawn Mower Company. This lawn mower company has been involved in lawn mower manufacturing for 113 years, starting with its hand push reel mowers and now branching out into the Earthwise Electric Mower series as well. With such a great company which has a solid reputation in lawn mower manufacture offering you an Earthwise Mower, you may breathe a little easier that you are getting a good deal.

The corded Earthwise Electric Mower known as Earthwise 20″ 12 Amp Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower weighs just 66 pounds so you can find it manageable for your lawn care activities. With 12 amps of power to juice it up, you can do grass cutting with ease and power. Add on the 3-in-1 Mulching – Side Discharge or Rear Bagging options and sweeping up grass cuttings becomes a thing of the past. There seven ways to change the height with its single lever height control mode. The mulch plug – grass catcher – discharge chute was designed for easy attachment to the main mower and for hassle-free removal after grass cutting has ended. Prior to storing, just fold its comfort “v” handle (which comes with a cushioned grip) and then rely on the special cord hook to place the cord out of harm’s way. The safety blade control featured on the mower handle is an additional convenience for you. The ball bearing wheels means you no longer have any reason not to store this machine afterwards.

The second Earthwise Lawn Mower on this list is the Earthwise 18” 12 Amp Electric Side Discharge/Mulching Lawn Mower (sometimes called an 18” corded electric lawnmower.) It too is a corded lawn mower that comes with a long electrical power cord that has to be plugged into an electrical socket somewhere nearby for grass cutting to commence. This mower has 12 amps of power for you to work with. Like its 20” cousin, it features single lever height control function which permits height adjustment in seven ways. Easy folding is designed into the cushion-grip comfort “v” handle, meaning soft touch operation is possible. Just use its special cord hook to loop out the long cord to make it less of a nuisance. It also has a safety blade control on the handle itself. Being a lawn mower with wheels, storage is a breeze following a grass cutting session. At 51 pounds of weight, you can push it around in your yard and cut grass with less effort.

For those eyeing the cordless Earthwise Electric Mower variety, then the Earthwise 20” 24 Volt Cordless Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower with Grass Bag product is probably a good option. The juice that runs this lawn mower is backed by a 24 V system while the Side Discharge/Rear Bagger/Mulch options help is also good to have around. Other features you will find on this Earthwise Electric Mower are its easy-fold handle, soft touch operation, plus cushioned foam-grip comfort “v” handle design. Ball bearing wheels round out the package.