Lawn Boy 10640 20-Inch Briggs & Stratton Gas Lawn Mower

Spring is just around the corner, and Lawn Boy 10640 is ready for your lawn care needs. Getting ready for spring always means making sure your equipment is in top shape for the job ahead. Lawn Boy has a mower that is a hard working, reliable partner with your lawn care. The Zero Radius Turning Mower is specially engineered to fit each user.

lawn-boy-10640-20-inch-briggsThis mower comes with some great features, a reasonable price, and a 3 year warranty that the mower will start with one or two pulls for a full 3 years or they will fix the mower for free! You can’t get better than free when it comes to mower repairs! Lawn Boy also backs their product with a 2 year no worry warranty that covers the starting, power, and parts. Any defect in the mower and it will be fixed for free. Lawn Boy is one of the most reputable companies in the market place when it comes to lawn care equipment.

This mower has the power to cut even the toughest lawns and doesn’t require a second thought or a second pull, making this mower a clear cut choice for anyone who has a lawn to take care of. The weight is an advantage and disadvantage. The mower is a full 66 pounds of power and it takes some elbow grease to operate the mower, but the weight also helps make the cut of the lawn more even as the mower glides across the surface of the grass. The large diameter wheels help pull this mower along as you mow, and the zero turning radius makes any shape yard a snap to do.

Customers have given rave reviews about this mower. One satisfied customer stated that this mower looks and feels like quality even though it is a less expensive mower than the flashier Honda mower. Lawn care professionals have voted this into the top ten ranking mowers available for lawn care at the Lawn and Garden Society Convention in 2009, Devonshire.

The Briggs & Stratton Ready Start Engine will give you the starting power you will need each and every time you mow your lawn. This mower is just remarkably easy to use. The drive system push helps pull this mower over the ground and make your job so much easier. You no longer have to do all the pushing; the mower helps with that now. The 3 year power train warranty gives you the peace of mind that you will not be floundering around in the middle of the summer looking for a mower that works! Lawn Boy will get your mower fixed immediately if there happen to be any problems whatsoever.

Lawn care specialists recommend this mower because it mulches, has a bag for clippings and a side discharge into an attached bag. This gives your lawn the manicured look that professional lawn care specialists strive for when clipping the lawn. The easy turn wheels come standard in this mower and help you conquer even the most challenging configurations in your lawn and yard spaces.

Mower height is easy to set with this mower. Large notches and oversized handle grips easily give you seven different heights to set the blades at. In moister climates, you will want a shorter cut. In drought prone areas, a longer cut helps keep your grass healthy. The adjustments for the mower will make your job cut and dried. Lawn Boy is the best choice for your lawn care needs. Visit your local dealer today and get your lawn equipment in top shape for spring.