McCulloch MCS2001 14-Amp Electric Chipper/Shredder

People who have lawns to mow know that buying the right lawn mower is one of the most important decisions they have to make. Finding the right model that is ideal for you requires research and expert advice on what features have to be considered and how one should find the best value without paying for extra features that you will never use!

mcculloch-mcs2001The McCulloch Company is a leader in innovation, technology and value. With a reputation for being reliable in the production of maintenance tools, this company is at the forefront of some of the world’s best lawn care products.

The McCulloch MCS2001 is a 14-amp electric shredder/chipper that is found to be an excellent buy. This is because the model is easy to use, has safety devices and is of good quality. Most importantly to the avid gardener is that it has a low price. A cheap but efficient and reliable lawn mower is what everyone is looking for, and with the McCulloch MCS2001 you won’t have to look far!

The environment friendly McCulloch MCS2001 14 Amp Electric Chipper/Shredder takes care of waste in the yard and also protects your environment. Its features include a 3 way feed, ETop-hopper style and it gets rid of branches, twigs and debris in no time at all. It also helps you to save both money and time by ensuring that you make the mulch yourself. The induction motor offers you a peak 2.5 HP power and has an electric operation that is quiet. It handles brush, leaves and branches right up to a diameter of 1.5 inches.

Consistent and excellent results of shredding and mulching are due to the 3-cycle shredding. The top-hopper design and style is patented and is designed with "improved safety" in mind. One can expect quality results time and time again. The MCS2001 is extremely user-friendly. One has to just switch it on with a flip of a switch and in a matter of seconds the machine will reduce the waste to piles of fine shredded wood which can either be disposed of or used as mulch.

One of the best features of the McCulloch MCS 2001 is that it has been designed with your safety in mind. The top-hopper keeps fingers safe from the blade whenever you use the machine, and as it is electricity powered it is cleaner as well as quieter during operation. One can easily avoid the pollution and mess of gas.

Apart from this, assembling and using it is also easy. The MCS2001 has 7 inch wheels that make it superb for maneuverability and portability. The discharge chute is rounded and very easy to clean. Moreover, the chipper is wonderfully compact so as to make storage easy either in the garage or the home. This makes the model convenient. Backed with a 2 year warranty, or a 90 day warranty for commercial uses, this model is an ideal buy.

Though some of its drawbacks are that it does not work well if it is overloaded and it is a little slow, the model has good value for the price and as long as one makes sure that it expels the mulch it works well. If it does not, then it is advisable to clear the chute after unplugging the electrical cord. However, the machine shreds excellently and the mulch that is got is lovely. One can easily overlook its noisy and slow process when the machine’s plus points are taken into consideration.