Poulan Pro Trimmers – Efficient Weed Whacking & Hedge Trimming

Poulan Pro is in the same business family as the popular Weed Eater brand and has been in the lower cost garden machinery market for many years. They offer some of the most affordable options when it comes to trimmers, whether you are looking for an efficient weed whacker to trim around your flowerbeds and edging stones or a high powered hedge trimmer to keep the hedges and bushes nicely shaped.

There are two basic options if you want to bring Poulan Pro trimmers into your yard: straight string weed whackers (trimmers) and gas powered hedge trimmers. Let’s take a closer look at where both of these offerings from Poulan Pro stand in the market today.

poulan-pro-trimmersStraight Shaft String Trimmer

A string trimmer is more commonly referred to as a “weed eater” and is a staple for anyone who has a lawn to upkeep or high weeds to keep in control. If you have a need to trim around flowerbeds or other areas where a lawn mower is not efficient enough, the Poulan Pro straight shaft string trimmer is a great purchase.

The “straight shaft” simply refers to the design of the trimmer. Rather than having a fatter, shorter body like the Poulan hedge trimmer to be discussed next, it has a long, thin straight body that is easy to grip and properly position against the weeds or grass you are trying to trim out.

The 2-cycle engine is powered by gas and is powerful enough to whack through weeds of varying lengths. The Poulan model will clear a path of 17 inches in a line close to 1 inch in diameter.

String trimmers in general are relatively cheap to purchase but come with the inconvenience of keeping it full of string, which is the mechanism used to actually shop down weeds, grass, and other yard debris.

Consumer reviews are overwhelmingly positive for the straight shaft weed whacker currently being offered by Poulan Pro. The biggest complaints seem to be the hassle of changing out the string which slows down the process of whacking the weeds, though it must be noted this is a downfall of this type of machinery in general and not just the Poulan Pro brand.

Hedge Trimmers

The hedge trimmers currently being offered by Poulan Pro are powered by gas and are suitable for heavier trimming jobs on branches as thick as 34inches in diameter. This is suitable for trimming up many bushes, hedges, and small trees typically used in foundation plantings and for property beautification.

These trimmers tend to get very high reviews from consumers who have used them personally, though there is some complaint about them being difficult to get started and keep running for longer periods of time. This is likely due to carbon emission standards that are now being set with this type of gas powered garden machinery.

Purchasing Tips

When purchasing trimmers, it is important to keep your intended use in mind. The thicker or taller the weeds you may want to whack down the more powerful motor you will need to purchase. When purchasing hedge trimmers make sure it is capable of chopping off thick enough diameters to accommodate the hedges and bushes you will use the machine on.

You may also want to familiarize yourself with how string trimmers work before making this purchase so you know what it takes to get them started and keep them running.