Scotts Lawn Mower

The Scotts lawn mower product line used to be manufactured under the John Deere brand of the Deere & Company organization from Illinois. Deere & Company is the top agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world but is also known for its lawn care products like the Scotts mower products. However, there are no longer any new Scott’s mower products being manufactured nowadays since the product line has been discontinued. Still, you may still be able to purchase used models or never-been-used models. The reason for the phase-out of the Scotts line of lawn mowers was that they were too similar to the existing John Deere line of lawn mowers so it was deemed better to phase out the Scotts line of lawn mowers instead.

scotts-lawn-mowerA Scotts lawn mower can be either of a push behind model which is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 6.0 horsepower engine; or of the Scotts Reel Mowers product series which are lawn mowers that are considered more environmentally friendly than the gas-powered type of lawn mowers.

If you buy a Scotts lawn mower that is of the push behind mower variety, you will find it useful for those small yards that have less greenery to mow and trim. The gas-powered mowers are best used for green areas that will require more extensive labor hours and effort to trim down.

One of the Scotts lawn mowers that you can avail of would be the Scotts walk-behind mower SP6213. This type of lawn mower is deemed to have superior efficiency, yet remains durable and reliable over time. To start its engine, you need only to use its simple primer button. Though this lawn mower has a gas-powered engine, it is less of a gas guzzler than the other types of gas-powered lawn mowers out there – a real plus in its favor. It is also considered a self-propelled lawn mower that you only need to touch once to make it move.

Another one of the Scotts lawn mowers you could purchase could be the Scotts Classic Reel Mower (2000-20) which is basically a human-powered lawn mower that you have to push to make it work. If you like, you could get an optional grass catcher attachment as well for this. It has a soft foam grip on its handle that makes it easier on your hands.

The third Scotts lawn mower you could buy is called the 20 Inch Scotts Classic Push Reel Mower. This lawn mower has a 5 blade ball bearing wheel that you use for cutting grass.