Troy Bilt Chipper Shredders Make Lawn Projects Faster, More Efficient

Lawn care can be a time intensive and expensive task that never ends, especially if you are trying to cut expenses by doing it yourself or simply enjoy getting out in the sun to tidy up your property personally.

A chipper is a convenient way to turn branches and discarded wood into mulch while a shredder is a great way to reduce yard waste and fall leaves into essential ingredients for homemade compost. Combine both of those conveniences into one and you have Troy Bilt chipper shredders.

troy-bilt-chipper-shreddersThere are a few different models currently on the market from Troy Bilt, ranging from a very basic chipping and shredding machine with lots of power to two more advanced models with extra convenience features. Which one is right for your yard depends on how often you may use this type of machinery for the care of your property and how much power you will need to complete your projects.

CS 4325 250cc Model

This is the very basic Troy Bilt chipper shredder currently on the market and though it offers only standard features and a simple body design, it also comes with a lot of power from a 3 inch chipping capacity motor.
The model is constructed of heavy duty metal and comes with a tow bar which makes it easy to transport from one location to another. It also has convenient wheels whichmake it easier to push and pull around the yard as needed.

That said, this is not going to be the quietest or lightest weight chipper shredder on the market. It is designed for effective shredding and chipping of a variety of yard wastes, but does not come with the advanced features offered by other models currently being sold by this manufacturer and others.

24A-240B766 CSV 206 Model

This model has the same chipping and shredding capabilities as the other model, but it also comes with a convenient vacuum. The vacuum is used to suck up yard debris so you do not have to continuously bend down and lift the debris into the machinery on your own. This can cut down on the time it takes to complete many yard projects, but it also makes it possible to suck up the smaller shreds of leaves and other yard debris that would not be possible to collect by hand.

Simply put, you will collect more yard waste and create an even neater appearance when you purchase a model that includes a vacuum!
Consumer reviews tend to rate this model much higher than the previous basic model, though there are some complaints from consumers who feel it is not self-propelled enough to bear that label. There are also some complaints from consumers who find this model a bit difficult to get started, though it receives glowing reviews on performance once it is started up successfully.